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New Products
CEC / EDID / IR / IP / Wall Plate Controllers
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CED-S11 - EDID / CEC Selector

The EDID / CEC Selector from Cypress Technology is a high performance HDMI v1.3 switcher that allows users to set a firm EDID and CEC between the source and the display. Instead of waiting for signal configuration with synchronisation for display this HDMI v1.3 switcher save time by instantly displaying your desired setting. Furthermore, the EDID / CEC Selector from Cypress Technology is extremely user friendly with configuration choices by push buttons, power selection of internal/external, and EDID autoset settings. Therefore, the EDID / CEC Selector's useful functions will satisfy various everyday use and habits.

The EDID / CEC Selector from Cypress Technology has a number of useful functions such as;

  • To set EDID
  • Be the best choise setting between display and source with installation
  • Solve no audio and video issue due to EDID restriction


  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3 and DVI 1.0 standards
  • Serial data rate at up to 2.25Gbps, capable of supporting the following digital video formats in Deep Color Mode at up to 36 bits (12 bits/colour): DTV resolutions - 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p; PC Resolutions - VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA to UXGA
  • Supports HD audio - Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD
  • Embedded EDID
  • Built-in CEC support with compliant CEC PHY
  • HDMI cable distance test with 1080p/8bit or 12bit resolution the input/output can run up to 10/15 meters
  • Supports DVI source and DVI Display by using HDMI to/from DVI adaptor cable
  • Can select EDID source from TV or this splitter
  • Support CEC bypass or set EDID manually

EDID / CEC Selector - Front View EDID / CEC Selector - Back View
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