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4K UHD4x2 HDMI Multi-Window Scaling Switcher
This 4 by 2 Multiviewer is a high performance HDMI switch with integrated scaling and multi-windowing technology. It is an ideal solution for monitoring or displaying multiple sources simultaneously for use in control rooms, conference rooms or classrooms. Video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz and LPCM audio up to 7.1 channels at 192kHz are supported on both input and output and this unit is fully compatible with the HDCP 1.x and 2.2 standards.
LCD Display 42
‚ÄčThis 42” LCD panel specifically designed for use in video walls has broad bezels (24mm+24mm) in order to minimize the gap between active display areas, and is the perfect solution for any educational or commercial environment providing installer with the ability to customize video wall arrays.
4 x 1 HDMI Seamless Quad PiP Scaler
The 4 x 1 HDMI Seamless Quad PIP Scaler is a high performance, high speed zooming/shrinking system that can be easily configure and control for quad or picture-in-picture video processing. Allowing 4 different input sources to be freely selected and arranged on one single display with supporting output resolution up to 1080p and audio up to 8CH 192kHz for both input and output. Screen setting hot keys with IR, RS-232, WebGUI and Telnet allows instant control and witching on the output display.