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HDMI/DVI Signal Format Converters
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COH-TX1-RX1 - HDMI over Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

​With HDMI™ becoming more and more popular around the world, many consumers have been searching for a way to transmit HDMI signals over very long distances. HDMI over Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiverset which uses fiber optical cables give the ability for longer transmission distances (up to 300m) while providing thinner and lighter cables for easier installation. With this system the HDMI signal is not compressed and is fully compliant with HDMI and HDCP.

  • HDMI, HDCP and DVI compliance
  • Long transmission distances - up to 300m or more
  • Thinner and lighter cables for easier, more discreet installations
  • Faster data transmission
  • Lower power consumption
  • Support the reading of EDID information

  • Optical Fiber: Duplex SM 9/125um, LC-LC Connector
  • Transmitter Input Port:1 × HDMI, 1×RS-232, 1×IR Out
  • Transmitter Output Port: 1×Duplex Single-mode Fiber Optical
  • Receiver Input Port: 1×Duplex Single-Mode Fiber Optical
  • Receiver Output Port: 1×HDMI, 1×RS-232, 1×I R In
  • HDMI In/Out Cable Distance: Up to 10 Meters
  • Optical In/Out Cable Distance: Up to 300 Meters
  • ESD Protection: Human Body Model- ±8kV (air-gap discharge), ±4kV (contact discharge)
  • Power Supply: 5V/1.25A DC (US/EU Standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
  • Dimensions(cm):114(W)×65(D)×26(H)/Each
  • Weight: 0.200 kg/Each
  • Chassis Material: Metal
  • Silkscreen Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ̊C~40 ̊C/32 ̊F~104 ̊F
  • Storage Temperature: −20 ̊C~60 ̊C/−4 ̊F~140 ̊F
  • Relative Humidity: 20~90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Power Consumption: 4.6W (TX), 4W (RX

HDMI over Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver - Front View HDMI over Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver - Back View
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