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CP-MHD421 - 4x1 High Definition QUAD Video Processor

4x1 High Definition QUAD Video Processor from Cypress Technology is a real time high definition QUAD processor which supports up to four cameras using HDMI connection. This video processor from Cypress can work either with hi-def security camera adopted by modern surveillance systems for home and business, or with microscope / surgery camera of medical equipments. Moreover, the QUAD video processor allows the video signal from multiple sources to be integrated into and displayed on one single HDTV or HDMI monitor in quad mode, with both detail and clearness of the original picture retained perfectly after the compression.


  • Supports four HDMI input sources and one QUAD HDMI output display
  • Video input/output supports resolution up to 1080p@60 Hz
  • Support individual push button to preview each input source on the monitor

4x1 High Definition QUAD Video Processor - Front View 4x1 High Definition QUAD Video Processor - Back View