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DCT-23 - Integrated Zone Amplifier

The Integrated Zone Amplifier from Cypress Technology can accept any one of analog and digital audio from 3.5 ohm line in, R/L RCA, HDMI, optical and coaxial inputs and output synchronously to R/L speaker, HDMI, optical and coaxial outputs with microphone sound added. Suitable for any musical events use, sound addition, and sound amplifying. With audio sampling rate supports up to 48 kHz and I/O data rate supports up to 24-bit, it provides a high standard of quality sound presentation an can amplifier sound up to -80dB.

This Cypress product is extremely useful for:

  • Public speech
  • Show event audio set up
  • Home theater
  • Educational/Lecture presentation


  • Supports Digital to Analog audio Conversion (DAC) and Analog to Digital audio Conversion (ADC)
  • Supports input sampling rate up to 96kHz and output at 48 kHz
  • Supports microphone sound mix into output sounds
  • Synchronous output sound on both digital and analog
  • Supports RS-232, Telnet, Web GUI, IR and on-panel controls
  • Sound supports up to -80dB
  • Elegant design and easy to install/using

Integrated Zone Amplifier - Front View Integrated Zone Amplifier - Back View