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CLUX-H2SDIA - HDMI to 3G SDI Single Output Converter

The HDMI to 3G SDI Single Output Converter from Cypress Technology allows HDMI sources such as Blu-ray Players or game consoles, to be display on a SDI display, such as a SDI computer monitor. This Cypress device is useful for a number of applications, including smart home entertainment setups, smart building or any smart AV installation system, or film studio display.

The HDMI to 3G SDI Single Output Converter from Cypress Technology has a high bit processing rate at 2.970Gbit/s which ensures fast signal transmission without signal degradation, which means no loss of quality in sound or visual. Further, the external audio allows the user to play a different audio source instead of the HDMI audio to be display synchronously without delay on the SDI output. It allows you to easily convert your high definition HDMI signal with audio to 3G SDI for long signal distance transmission. The Cypress converter also has two (2) 3G SDI Output Ports, allowing you to display your HDMI source content on up to two 3G SDI Displays simultaneously.

The HDMI to 3G SDI Dual Output Converter has 2CH L/R Audio Input, allowing a 2CH audio signal to be converted to SDI. This is useful when connecting a DVI source to the converter (via a DVI to HDMI cable), as it allows you to add the R/L audio to accompany the DVI signal, and output both via SDI. The converter features a simple switch which allows you to select between HDMI Audio Input, or R/L Audio Input.

Note: This product does not process HDCP input. When receiving content that has HDCP encryption there will be no video output.


  • Operation at 2.970Gbps, 2.970/1.001Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 1.485/1.001Gbps and 270Mbps
  • Integrated audio de-embedding for max 8 channels of 48kHz audio
  • Auto video mode detection (3G/SD/HD)
  • Conversion from HDMI to SD/HD/3G signal
  • Connect with SDI to HDMI converter to extend your signal over long distances
  • Supports input signal transmission distances of up to 300M for SD signals, 200M for HD signals and 100M for 3G signals

Note: Cable tested with Belden 1694A. Operating distance may vary if used with another type of cable.

HDMI to 3G SDI Single Output Converter - Front View HDMI to 3G SDI Single Output Converter - Back View
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