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Chroma Key Processor
‚ÄčThe Chroma key processor is a great design that supports Video or S-Video as the main source and the other Video or S-Video input as the background source. The background sources along with 6 background colors chroma key effects.
Demopad CENTRO 8 Controller
The CENTRO 8 controller is a powerful automation processor enabling an installer to create customised commercial or residential control systems. DemoPad is the fastest and most cost effective solution for controlling audio, video, lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), and security systems (CCTV) directly from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
HDMI 4 Channel Quad Picture In Picture Video Processor
The HDMI 4 Channel Quad Picture in Picture (PIP) Video Processor from Cypress Technology is a high performance, high speed zooming/shrinking system that can be easily configured and controlled for quad or PIP video processing of your multiple HDMI video signals. It allows the signal from 4 different input sources to be freely selected and arranged on one single display (TV or monitor). It supportsvideo resolution up to WUXGA@60RB, 1080p and audio up to 8CH 192 kHz for both input and output. Audio channels can be selected to playback or mute. The HDMI 4 Channel Quad Picture in Picture Video Processor is a versatile tool perfect for integration with video surveillance, editing, post production or video capturing systems.
Digital Terrestrial Receiver
Digital Terrestrial Receiver from Cypress Technology is suitable for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial systems.

PC/HD to Video Scan Converter
The PC/HD to Video Scan Converter from Cypress Technology is designed to down scale PC/Component source to analog CVBS (NTSC,PAL) signal. Ideal for businesses with multiple CCTV cameras, this Cypress device takes your high-resolution camera footage and scales it to lower resolutions. Supporting PC resolution up to WUXGA@60hz, this scaler also helps connects new video sources to older displays. The device from Cypress Technology features many great functions such like 3D noise reduction, frame rate conversion and adaptive contrast enhancement.
Video to SCART converter
The Video to SCART Converter from Cypress Technology is a simple plug and play unit that let you view video without any quality loss, also great for enhancing picture quality. This highly useful Cypress product allows you to connect composite inputs with SCART output.
1 In 2 Out SCART Splitter
The 1-in 2-out Scart Splitter from Cypress Technology is equipped with 1 SCART input and two SCART outputs. This extremely useful Cypress product is ideal for making multiple video copies or distributing DVD output to 2 RGB TVs or monitor.
10 Way SCART Distributor
The 10 Way SCART Distributor from Cypress Technology lets you make multiple video copies or distribute the output of one SCART input with absolutely no signal loss or degradation. This extremely useful Cypress product is ideal for making multiple video copies or distributing DVD output to 10 RGB TVs or monitor.

A/V Stereo Selector
The A/V Stereo Selector from Cypress Technology allows you to select one out of the four input A/V sources. The selected source is then amplified and split into four parallel outputs for driving four separate devices.
SCART Sync Separator
The SCART Sync Separator from Cypress Technology will enhance the picture quality of your TV by utilizing the RGB input of your TV.
SCART to Y-U-V Converter
The SCART to Y-U-V Converter from Cypress Technology can operate in PAL, PAL M, PAL N, NTSC, NTSC 4.43 & SECAM.
CV/SV to YCbCr/RGB Format Converter
The CV/SV to YCbCr/RGB Format Converter from Cypress Technology converts Composite Video/S-Video signal such as iPod, DVD, XBOX to the component or RGB for connecting to SDTV or projector.