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CM-397M - CGA to WXGA Converter

The CGA/RGB and Component to PC VGA Upscaler from Cypress Technology will accept analog CGA (15.7kHz / RGB) or Component (YCbCr / 480i/576i) video signals and upscale the signal to display on one of three PC VGA resolutions (VGA, XGA or WXGA). This device from Cypress Technology enables you to connect your Standard Definition CGA/RGB or Component signal source, such as an arcade game board or DVD player, to a PC VGA display, such as an LCD computer monitor. Newly added advanced features such as Phase and H/V position adjustment, Field Invert setting and OSD menu allows for fine tuning of the displayed image.

OSD menu adjustments include Phase, Input Colour Space (RGB or YCbCr), H or V position, Field Invert, System Information, System Reset and Exit. Any adjustments made are held in memory (last memory recall), even after total power off, and the Operating System Reset will reload default system values. These added features make the CGA RGB and Component to PC VGA Upscaler from Cypress Technology a powerful upgrade tool for enhanced gaming and viewing pleasure.


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Easy setup
  • No driver software required
  • Plug-n-Play!

CGA to WXGA Converter - Front View CGA to WXGA Converter - Back View
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