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CA-USBST - USB 2.0 to Cat5e/6 transmitter

The USB over CAT5e/6 Transmitter from Cypress Technology provides a solutions for users to operate many devices over long distances for both the home and commercial markets. This Cypress device allows most of the USB host to send data bidirectional within a 100-meter distance while offering up to 4 USB outputs, giving this product the ability to act like a USB hub. In addition, the USB over CAT5e/6 Transmitter from Cypress Technology can also access data from the output port devices even when there's 100 meters separating the devices or using ethernet hub in between to extend the distance double up to 200 meters. The USB over CAT5e/6 transmitter is the ideal choice for your USB extension needs.

The USB over CAT5e/6 Transmitter from Cypress Technology has a variety of great applications such as;

  • USB Extension over CAT5/6 up to 100 or 200 meters throu Hub
  • Control devices from far away
  • Host device information sharing and control


  • Support USB 2.0 high-speed devices
  • Operate with USB 2.0 high speed host controllers
  • True plug and play without any driver installation required
  • Supports all major Operating Systems including Windows, MAC OS, and Linux
  • Tested CAT5e/6 cable distance of up to 100 meters
  • Simple set up with easy to use
  • LED indicators for easy viewing
  • Each USB output port contains 500 mA of power

USB 2.0 to Cat5e/6 transmitter - Front View USB 2.0 to Cat5e/6 transmitter - Back View
Download Manual PDF Manual