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1×2 HDMI 4K2K Video Scaler
This 1 by 2 HDMI Scaler is designed to split and scale an HDMI signal, up to 4K2K Ultra HD/WUXGA (RB), to a wide range of HDTV or PC resolutions (up to 1080p/WUXGA).
8×4 Multi-Interface Digital Presentation Scaler
This HDBaseT™ capable 8 by 4 Digital Presentation Scaler can switch and scale HDMI/HDBaseT/PC/Composite Video signals from any one of its eight inputs and simultaneously display it on any of its HDMI or HDBaseT outputs.
4×1 SV/CV Switcher
CVSD-41ARN CV/SV switcher is designed for switching between video & S-video sources. Such as VCR,DVD player... to share one TV display
VGA to HDMI Scaler
The VGA to HDMI Video Scaler is designed to scale an analog video signal from a PC source to a digital HDMI output in a wide-range of HD and PC resolutions (up to 1080p/WUXGA).

CGA to WXGA Converter
The CGA/RGB and Component to PC VGA Upscaler from Cypress Technology will accept analog CGA (15.7kHz / RGB) or Component (YCbCr / 480i/576i) video signals and upscale the signal to display on one of three PC VGA resolutions (VGA, XGA or WXGA). This device from Cypress Technology enables you to connect your Standard Definition CGA/RGB or Component signal source, such as an arcade game board or DVD player, to a PC VGA display, such as an LCD computer monitor. Newly added advanced features such as Phase and H/V position adjustment, Field Invert setting and OSD menu allows for fine tuning of the displayed image.
Multi-format to HDMI/VGA Scaler
The Multi-format to HDMI/VGA scaler from Cypress Technology is an advanced HDMI, VGA, Component Video and Composite Video to HDMI/VGA scaler. It can scale and switch input signals to display simultaneously on two HDMI and one VGA output with their associated audio signals. Both the digital and analog stereo audio are supported via its built-in Digital to Analog Converter and Analog to Digital Converter. The Multi-format to HDMI/VGA scaler is the latest solution providing users with greater flexibility of multiple sources to VGA or HDMI equipped displays.
Digital Video Scaler
The Digital Video Scaler from Cypress Technology has the ability of scaling and source-switching from Composite Video, S-Video, PC (VGA) and DVI input signals to a DVI output. A matching analog stereo audio input can be switched and delivered to the stereo audio output with the video source selection. Furthermore, the Digital Video Scaler from Cypress Technology provides a wide range of output resolutions, up to 1080p for HDTV resolutions and WUXGA (RB) for PC resolutions.
Multi-format to HDMI Scaler
The Multi-format Digital Video to HDMI Scaler from Cypress Technology has inputs for CV, SV, HD, Composite, PC, HDMI and SDI which can then be scaled to a HDMI or VGA. This allows sources with the mentioned inputs to be displayed on a HD screen/monitor or a VGA screen/monitor with audio output ports, plus a SDI loop out.

The HDMI to HDMI HQV Scaler from Cypress Technology gives users the freedom to enjoy the full benefits of high resolution video by recreating a cinema like experience in the comfort of your home, this device is a worthy addition to any home entertainment system. In addition, the HD inputs have been improved allowing this Cypress Technology Scaler Box to deliver crisp, stunning and noise free full HD video.
4x4 Component Matrix
The 4 by 4 Component Matrix from Cypress Technology is a high performance Component of Digital/Analog Audio converter with Video Matrix. It offers users maximum convenience in HDTV audio/video signal distribution when you have multiple sources to display. Each of the four HDTV audio/video sources can be directed to any one of the four outputs and or all four displays can show one identical output sources at the same time. The 4 by 4 Component Matrix from Cypress Technology provides a variety of choices on where to play your image with the remote controller.
DVI to 3G SDI Converter
The DVI to 3G SDI Converter from Cypress Technology isa simple Composite Video / S-Video to HDMI scaler bo which accepts both PAL and NTSC video inputs and converts the signal to 720p high definition output with vertical rates (50/60 Hz) selectable.
Video to DVI Scaler Box
The Video to DVI Scaler Box from Cypress Technology is designed to convert Composite and S-Video to a variety of computer and HDTV resolutions. It handles video input from TV systems of NTSC, PAL TV standards. Therefore, the Video to DVI Scaler Box from Cypress Technology has many great features to enhance video performance and is ideal for use in professional large screen presentation.