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CGA to WXGA Converter
The CGA/RGB and Component to PC VGA Upscaler from Cypress Technology will accept analog CGA (15.7kHz / RGB) or Component (YCbCr / 480i/576i) video signals and upscale the signal to display on one of three PC VGA resolutions (VGA, XGA or WXGA). This device from Cypress Technology enables you to connect your Standard Definition CGA/RGB or Component signal source, such as an arcade game board or DVD player, to a PC VGA display, such as an LCD computer monitor. Newly added advanced features such as Phase and H/V position adjustment, Field Invert setting and OSD menu allows for fine tuning of the displayed image.
PC to Video Converter Box
PC to Video Converter from Cypress Technology is a PC computer to PAL or NTSC interlaced video converter which has new expanded input acceptance for PC resolutions now up to WUXGA@60RB (1920*1200). This Cypress Product is useful for downscaling standard and high resolution PC signals to standard definition interlaced PAL or NTSC video for interfacing with older style Composite or S-Video input monitors and TV's. Also, the PC to Video Converter has Overscan and Underscan function inbuilt for maximum compatibility with your viewing device.
Component to RGB color space converter
The Component to RGB Color Space Converter from Cypress Technology is a plug-n-play component (YPbPr/YCbCr) to RGBHV color space converter. This highly useful Cypress device allows you to view HDTV programs from your DVD players, video console, or HDTV Set Boxes on your PC monitors or projectors via PC VGA input.
SCART Sync Separator
The SCART Sync Separator from Cypress Technology will enhance the picture quality of your TV by utilizing the RGB input of your TV.

SCART RGB to S Converter
The SCART RGB to S Converter from Cypress Technology is ideal for digital satellite receivers or DVD players that do not have a suitable S-Video output to feed a video projector or picture signal to a surround sound system.
The Component to RGBHV Converter (CYU-343) will convert YCbCr 480i/576i (15Khz) and YPbPr 480p/576p (31Khz) to RGBHV for connection to a VGA monitor.