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1X3 PC Distributor w/ audio
The 1X3 PC Distributor w/ audio from Cypress Technology is high performance PC/Component distributor with stereo audio. This Cypress product is designed to connect one PC or HDTV signal source with audio to 3 PC or HDTV displays.
1080i HD Media Player
The 1080i HD Media Player from Cypress Technology provides users with a simple and effective way to convert AV image to HD resolution. The HD Media Player is the most instant media for your AV, Photo slide and gaming display. With build-in card reader (SD/MMC/MS) function and USB connector for external hard drive or pen drive input, output analog and HD selection, this device provides the best solution for user with easy connection. Additionally, this device from Cypress Technology includes a perpetual calendar and a remote control for user to sit back relaxingly and enjoying flipping the favor memories. Furthermore, the product's thorough design includes gaming function for user to enjoy fully in the entertainment world.
WiFi Receiver
The WiFi Reciever from Cypress Technology is an extremely useful device. Users can receive wireless signals from any PC with WiFi or the user can direct the connected RJ45 or USB cable to view PC information on the TV screen. An additional feature of this product includes extra USB ports that allow KVM operations nearby the TV, a convenient design that allows you to do anything you desire.
High Definition Video Recorder
The High Definition Video Recorder from Cypress Technology is a great replacement to traditional VCR or even DVDRW recorders. With this handy Cypress device you can record content directly onto an SD card or the 80G HDD in MPEG 4 format.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) to HDMI Converter with RJ45
The USB to HDMI Converter with RJ45 from Cypress Technology allow users to use a TV as the PC primary display with keyboard and mouse at hand for Internet browsing, listening to music and watching movies from a PC on the network.
Infrared over CAT5 Extender
The Infrared over CAT5 Extender from Cypress Technology is perfect for controlling source devices over long distances using CAT5 Cable. By using the built-in IR Receiver of the IR Repeater, users are able to control up to five sources (with the original remote controls) at the same time at a distance of up to 250m.
HDMI over Dual CAT6 Extender with IR
The HDMI over Dual CAT6 Extender with IR from Cypress Technology is the ideal device to send your HDMI signals over long distances. Instead of using expensive HDMI cables, your existing CAT6 cables/sockets can replace HDMI cables while performing the same functions like transferring Deep Color (12 bits/color) video and lossless compressed (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio) digital audio. Moreover, you can use the existing remote to control the source and connect it to another transmitter and receiver to extend your HDMI signal to distances you never thought possible. This HDMI over Dual CAT6 Extender from Cypress Technology is your only choice when looking for an HDMI extender.
DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Adaptor
The DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Adaptor from Cypress Technology is an extremely useful product from any home or office application. More and more devices are deploying the DisplayPort (DP) interface instead of HDMI onto their graphics solution these days. This unit connects a DP source to a HDMI output display.

Personal Video Recorder
The Personal Video Recorder from Cypress Technology is a Standard Definition video recorder and multimedia player which can serve as the data center of all incoming multimedia. With this handy Cypress device you can record content as MPEG 4 format onto USB flash / USB HDD drive instantly.
PC/HDTV Tuner Box
The PC/HDTV Tuner Box from Cypress Technology enables users to view VHF/UHF/Cable TV, DVD Movie and other videos on your PC monitor, LCD Projector or large screen HDTV or Plasma TV.
PC/HDTV to Video Scan Converter
The PC/HDTV to Video Scan Converter from Cypress Technology is a high performance and multi-format Video Scan Converter. This highly useful Cypress device is designed to convert not only PC but also HDTV images to interlaced NTSC/PAL and component output. Furthermore, the Video Scan Converter is ideal for use in applications like video conference, home theater, business presentation, lecturing room or viewing PC/HDTV images on TV.
Digital Photo Player
The Digital Photo Player from Cypress Technology is designed to help you view photos and/or play MP3 music from the SD Card/MMC/USB device to the TV. This handy and user friendly Cypress device can be easily used to watch high quality TV at home, digital signage on an exhibition, digital signage on elevator or anywhere you desire.