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Control System
This Control System provides not only direct but also indirect control interfaces for all your connected devices. Supporting traditional direct learning, RS-232, Telnet/Web GUI controls.
Demopad CENTRO 8 Controller
The CENTRO 8 controller is a powerful automation processor enabling an installer to create customised commercial or residential control systems. DemoPad is the fastest and most cost effective solution for controlling audio, video, lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), and security systems (CCTV) directly from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
HDMI EDID Emulator
APPLICATIONS The CED-1M is designed to allow the adjustment of 4k2k HDMI/DVI EDID information that is provided to a source device by a connected display so that it may output the correct video/audio signal. Aiming to simplify the technical complications involved in video/audio system integration, home theater installation, video/audio equipment testing and experimentation, the unit’s learning function allows the user to Read and Write the video/audio EDID to the system. It also supports EDID Emulation and Bypass modes.
8x8 IR Matrix
The Bi-directional Infrared Matrix from Cypress Technology is designed to work alongside the 8×8 HDMI matrix, providing control of up to 8 source devices from up to 8 display locations. Using the original or programmable remote controls, source devices such as DVD/Blu-ray players or satellite/set-top boxes can be controlled from any location.

4 by 4 Infrared Matrix
The Infrared Matrix 4in 4out from Cypress Technology is designed to control source equipment from the display/receiver side. It allows you to extend an infra-red signal such as those used with devices such as DVD Players, Set Top Boxes, and Satellite Receivers. Furthermore, use the source video playback units remote control to control playback of the device from an extended distance. For example you could have your DVD player in your lounge room, while watching and controlling the player from another room.
HDMI CEC Control Box
The HDMI CEC Control Box is a convenient USB device allowing users to control various HDMI devices through their PC. Both sources and displays can be controlled, either with a PC or remote control. This device connects to the PC using a mini USB port, allowing plug and play simplicity and providing power for the device itself, so you don't have to deal with any cumbersome cables.
EDID / CEC Selector
The EDID / CEC Selector from Cypress Technology is a high performance HDMI v1.3 switcher which allows users to set a firm EDID and CEC between the source and the display. Instead of waiting for signal configuration with synchronisation for display, this HDMI v1.3 switcher saves time.