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Dual-link DVI/Mini DisplayPort/VGA to HDMI Scaler
This HD High Resolution Scaler can switch and convert Dual-Link DVI, Mini-DisplayPort and PC/Component inputs to a HDMI output, along with their associated audio signals.
USB to HDMI Wired Converter
USB to HDMI converter enables you to add an additional monitor to a laptop or desktop through the use of USB 2.0 ports, freeing you from the complicated process of installing VGA cards. With this device, you can extend your display across two screens, letting you to surf the web on one and make a spreadsheet/presentation/ use a word processor on the other.
USB/Ethernet to HDMI/PC/USB Wired Converter
USB to HDMI display can allow you to view any PC information on a compatible TV. It includes extra USB ports allowing it to perform KVM operations next to the TV, which is an added bonus for those of us who are multi-taskers.
DisplayPort to HDMI Converter
‚ÄčThe Display Port to HDMI Converter provides digital signal conversion from DisplayPort to HDMI interface, utilizing ‘DisplayPort to HDMI Level Shifter’ technology this model is able to output TMDS signal fully compatible with HDMI, and so makes it the best solution to show DisplayPort content on HDTV / HDMI monitor.

HDMI to SV/CV Scaler with HDMI Bypass Output
The HDMI to CV/S-Video Converter is designed to convert the digital signal from HDMI (or DVI) source to analog signal of NTSC or PAL system, with L/R stereo audio, as well as S-Video, Composite video outputs, an HDMI bypass output to deliver the original signal, and a Coaxial output to send S/PDIF digital audio to an amplifier.
SV/CV to HDMI Scaler
The CM-1392M Video to HDMI Scaler Box is designed to scale CVBS and S-Video with R/L audio into HDMI.
USB/Ethernet to HDMI Splitter/Converter
The USB/Ethernet to HDMI Splitter/Converter allows the user to display PC source content on up to 4 HDMI screens/monitors in an extended desktop mode via the extender's USB or Ethernet inputs.
DVI/PC/HD to DVI/PC Scaler
DVI/PC/HD to DVI/PC Scaler is capable of scaling and source switching from PC (VGA), Component Video (SD/HD) and DVI input signals to analog PC (VGA) and digital DVI outputs. It has the added benefit of control through front panel buttons and IR Remote, and there is on-screen menu (OSD) providing setting selection and system information. The device provides a full range of output resolutions, up to 1080p for HDTV resolutions, and WUXGA for PC resolutions making it ideal for use in professional large screen presentation applications.

PC/Component to PC/Component up to 1080i/SXGA Scaler
The PC/Component to PC/Component up to 1080i/SXGA Scaler from Cypress Technology is a high-performance universal PC/HDTV to PC/HDTV converter. This handy Cypress device combines the functions of a video scaler, scan-converter, and format transformer and is packed into a compact and durable metal housing with easy-to-use touch buttons. The PC/Component to PC/Component up to 1080i/SXGA Scaler is controlled via push button and OSD menu. The controls include input/output setup picture adjustment, H/V phase adjustment, System informations and many other advance features.
HDMI/COMP/SV/CV to USB FullHD Capture Box
The HDMI/Component/SV/CV to USB Full HD Capture box supports HDMI 1080p video/component/SV/CV input and records to H.264 video format. Its low power consumption and superior video processing capabilities make it ideal for integration with high-end portable and desktop PC products.
HDMI to CV/SV Converter - with HDMI Bypass
The HDMI to CV/SV Converter with HDMI Bypass from Cypress Technology is designed to convert the digital signal from HDMI (or DVI + Coaxial) source to an analog NTSC or PAL signal, with L/R stereo audio. In additional to the S-Video and Composite Video outputs, this Cypress Product also provides an HDMI bypass output to deliver the original signal, and a Coaxial output to send S/PDIF digital audio to an amplifier. The unit provides a convenient method of converting non-HDCP high definition content to standard 480i or 576i resolutions for DVR or VCR recorders.
Mini DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Converter
The Mini DisplayPort converter from Cypress Technology is specifically designed to allow a Mini DisplayPort source to display on the Dual Link DVI display. Supporting resolutions up to 2560x1600 and ideal for display Mac sources on DVI monitor, this device from Cypress Technology is powered by USB connection which makes it more convenient to power.