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HDMI/DVI Signal Format Converters
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CP-259HN - HDMI to HDMI Scaler Box

The HDMI to HDMI Scaler is designed to upscale an HDMI video signal from an HDMI source device and output in a wide range of HDTV and PC resolutions up to 1080p/WUXGA. Additionally this unit can also convert a digital/analog audio signal and then simultaneously output to an HDMI, Optical and 3.5mm Mini-jack (L/R audio) connections. This unit has a comprehensive OSD menu that allows the user to select a variety of output resolutions, allowing the conversion of the video signal to maximize compatibility, and make adjustments to optimize the image quality.

HDMI, HDCP and DVI compliant
Supports full range of PC resolution from VGA to WUXGA (RB) and HD resolution from 480i to 1080p
Automatically detects the display settings of the connected display and outputs the correct resolution and refresh rate when the NATIVE output option is selected
Supports 50/60Hz frame rate conversion
Supports 3D motion video adaptive, 3D de-interlacing, and 3:2/2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
Provides adjustment of contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB (color tone) level and aspect ratio size of the video
Supports OSD selectable stereo analog and digital audio inputs and simultaneous stereo analog and digital audio outputs to HDMI, Optical digital audio and analog mini-jack connections

Inputs: 1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]; 1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Stereo(L/R)]; 1x Toslink [1x OPTICAL 2 Channel LPCM]; 1x USB Type A [1x SERVICE Propriety Data]
Outputs: 1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]; 1x 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack [1x Stereo(L/R)]; 1x Toslink [1x OPTICAL 2 Channel LPCM]
PSU: 5V/2.6A
Dimensions: 102mm [W] x 155mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight: 338g

HDMI to HDMI Scaler Box - Front View HDMI to HDMI Scaler Box - Back View
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