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CETH-4USB - USB/Ethernet to USB Hub

The USB over Ethernet 4-Port Extender from Cypress Technology is a multifunctional USB HUB, which gives you three different modes of operation: A LAN Mode, an Extender mode and a HUB Mode. The LAN Mode is useful for homes or offices with existing network infrastructure, as the CETH-4USB allows users connected to the LAN (Local Area Network) to access four USB devices. Additionally, the Extender Mode is a convenient option in any integration / installation setup by giving users the ability to extend the operating distance of a USB signal by up to 100 meters, over a single RJ45 cable.

Furthermore, the HUB Mode lets consumers, when no signal extension is needed, to use the CETH-4USB as a common 1-In-4-OUT USB HUB. For the LAN mode or Extender Mode to function, certain software applications and drivers (both are provided in the CD bundled) are required to be installed on the connected PCs / Laptops for them to identify and hook up with CETH-4USB unit in the same network using TCP/IP protocol. All three abovementioned modes support the USB 2.0 and 1.1 protocols. USB 2.0 has a data rate of up to 480 Mbps while 1.1 has only 12 Mbps.


  • Control up to 4 four USB devices
  • Can handle high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps) and low-speed(1.5Mbps) transaction (speed in the LAN Mode might be limited by the bandwidth of the network)
  • Works up to 100 M away (in the Extender Mode)
  • Connect with existing Ethernet cable or directly to PC with RJ-45 cable
  • Compliant with USB 1.1/ USB 2.0 (Hi-speed) specification
  • Support Ethernet protocols TCP/IP
  • Support 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet speed

System Requirements
  • 2.4GHz single core CPU with at least 1GB RAM for optimal performance
  • Windows XP Home or Professional 32 bits SP2, Windows Vista 32 bits, Window 7

USB/Ethernet to USB Hub - Front View USB/Ethernet to USB Hub - Back View
Download Manual PDF Manual